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Aries – You’ll find strenght inside

I remember my firts training…

Gym for tough guys – rust on corns.

The most important place for me at that time, school of life and a goal – to combat complexes, look different than others, like bodybuilders, like a real muscleman. Everything I do emerges from my enormous passion for sport. I am a personal trainer, I study dietetics, I`m learing all the time and take new challenges. One of them is the desing for shirt, because I myslef struggle with it`s choice and purchase. Our shirts are special, dedicated to You, sport enthusiasts.

Thats how Aries rise.

Clothes for bodybuilders

Aries is a brand directed to people like You, like Me.

Strong, fighting their own weaknesses, accepting failure with humility, to rise and stubbornly strive to goal. Only great will and proffesional approach, after a year of searching, starting from the right sewing company, materials, accessories, labels and the like, allowed me to polish optimal design.

In cooperation with proffesionals from clothing buisness, by measuring many profiles i.a. My colleagues develops unique, modern cut, perfectly fitting and emphasizing profile asssets of people that work out. Pressure for finish precision, choice of the right materials is indesputable advantage of this shirt. It`s worth emphasizing that it is made in Poland. I wouldn`t have accomplished it myself, without support from closest people, my Family, Friends, Colleagues, for which I am truly grateful. Today passing this shirt to You, I`m feeling just like before my first training…

For me it`s a great test for many years of effort and hard work, that`s why I`m asking You for support and trust, so I can do my best for Aries brand to develop and fulfil Your expectations.

Because Aries is Courage & Tenacity.

With Aries You will find strenght.